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 davis.racing86 Recruitment submission

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PostSubject: davis.racing86 Recruitment submission   Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:29 pm

Player Name:Steve Davis (davis.racing86)
Location and Time zone: Minnesota CST (Central Standard Time)

Preferred Game Type:TDM, CTF anything really
Previous gaming experience: CODMW2, CODMW, UT3, Rainbox Six
What times are you available to play? Before 2pm and anytime after 11pm
Do you communicate with teammates? All the time

How do you handle being dominated when you're playing? Take a deep breath and try to figure out how they are coming up with plans and try to stop them.
(a team member on the opposing team doing extremely well)
How do you deal with accidental team killings? Appologize and keep playing and try not to let it happen again.

On our Black Ops server we have a few simple rules all AmF abide by: 1. No hacking (obviously, no AmF members hack and we make sure of it) 2. No Grenade Launchers (203s or thumpers) 3. No Last Stand (Second Chance in Black Ops) 4. No LMG camping (this can be extended to excessive camping at the discretion of admin online at the time. We do not consider sniping to be camping.).

If you have a problem with obeying the rules listed above, then consider finding another clan and/or server to play on.
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davis.racing86 Recruitment submission
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