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 Untimely_Death App

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PostSubject: Untimely_Death App   Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:19 pm

Player Name: Untimely_Death
Location and Time zone: USA/ GMT -6
Age: 17

Preferred Game Type: TDM, Hardcore Anything, Demolition, Domination, Headquarters

Previous gaming experience: COD 4, 5, 6(Not for PC) Unreal tournament 3, Crysis, and now Black Ops

What times are you available to play? 3ish to 10 in the afternoon depending on schedule.

Do you communicate with teammates? Yes

How do you handle being dominated when you're playing? (a team member on the opposing team doing extremely well)

Wont complain over being dominated, but I would try to adapt and try a new strategy to overcome it.

How do you deal with accidental team killings? Immediately after I respond with a apology and avoid team killing as much as possible even in crossfire and wouldn't ever be done on purpose.
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Untimely_Death App
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